Garrick "The Punk Rock Jedi" Keene
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Wednesdays 8pm - 10pm

The Punk rock Jedi. Garrick Keene

 You may see Garrick working at your local bottle-shop selling beer or outside smoking a cigarette.  You also might see him at the bar eating a steak and drinking a cold pint, but if you know him and what he is about, you know those things are only his second favorite things after Star Wars, video games and Punk Rock.  So listen to me and my heterosexual life partner play you our favourite tunes Mondays 9pm on The Big WAZU!

The R2D2 of Punk. Matt Morrissey

We at the WAZU found this dude out side the infamous Studio 3D compund licking moss from stones whilst quoting movie lines from the early 1950s. Sleeping all day this  6"6 nocturnal (this has been edited by Thee Luke Rigby, the Rations boys spelt it 'nocternal') wolf man learnt to be civilised by listening to Blink 182, NOFX and the Oklahoma musical! so you know he knows his shit!

And now YOU can hear all about his life joining Garrick every Monday night at 9pm


Matt Morrissey

Joining the jedi himself in punk rock arse clowning

Every Monday at 8pm

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